You Are Important

One of the main problems I KNOW I have is feeling insignificant. I mean... "I'm just little O' me and the world is so big, and there's sooo much going on right now, so surely I don't matter...much". The Lord keeps showing me over and over just how much each and every one of us matter to Him. Like yesterday a friend and I went to a church service at a local charismatic church and the very first thing the pastor did was tell us about an encounter with The Lord that involved a church that sounded just like mine (as a matter of fact, I know it was my church because of some little code words that were apart of the encounter but any who).

That is just like The Lord! He finds random ways to let us know how much He loves us while we're just going along thinking we're doing what we wanted to do. So I'm at a church expecting a sermon and I get an "I Love You Babe" straight from The Lord. This has happened so many times that I finally got the picture. I am somebody! I walk in that now because The Creator of the entire universe stopped everything just to let me know.

It's not just me folks. He loves us all the same much (as my grand-baby says). So if you don't get anything else out of what I've said just know that the gist of all of it is Your Father loves you more than anything. Have a great week folks!!

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